Short Synopsis

The Madman

He begs to be left alone in the safe and secure world he has created but his protests fall on deaf ears. He is committed by his father, subjected, after "observation", to the standard one size fits all course of shock treatments. For the doctor it's just another day but the nurse begins to see something different in this man. As time passes she becomes drawn to this man, his reasoning and the visions of the world which has become his own. Her feelings for him grow. Soon she is hopelessly in love with this man and his visions and decides to help him "go over the wall" and start a new life together.

They succeed in their escape and begin a new life together. For awhile everything is bliss but then cracks start to appear and their relationship begins to disintergrate. The outside world is a fearful place for the madman who retreats further and further into his own world. One morning the nurse wakes to find he has gone, lost to the outside world. He has returned to that one special place where just he and the voices he hears are alone. He has found sanctuary.

The characters:

THE MADMAN, while adored by his mother, has been belittled since birth by his jealous, overbearing father. His method of coping has been to retreat to a world of his own. There he is welcomed, embraced and cared for by people and voices only he can see and hear. This has become the Madman's existence. His sanctuary from the "real world" full of cruelty and contradictions.

THE MOTHER is a doting optimist who continues to hope for change in a loveless marriage to a cold, bitter husband who blames his dull, uneventful existence on her beloved son. THE FATHER is an overbearing nobody who rules his home as his castle and those within as chattels. His wife hung on his every word and catered to his every whim before this child arrived. Then everything changed as his wife showered their son with the attention that should have been his. From that day on his son became the scapegoat for everything wrong in his life. He hates his son with a passion.

THE DOCTOR is the self pronounced "saviour of the people". His answer to any and all phsychiatric conditions is E.C.T. [ shock treatment ]. In his mind he can do no wrong. In fact the world is a fortunate place for his mere existence. He is a star in his own caberet.

THE NURSE is the doctor's most ardent admirer and hangs on his every word. She has been secretly in love with him since first arriving to work at the right hand of genius.

      Tom Misner: